A Glimpse of Life After: The Project Team Begins!

If you had told me that on day 39 of my challenge to become a Software Engineer, I would be part of a elite team of interns embarking on their first ever project, with an end goal of being published — marketing included, I would have probably snorted — laughed? Chortled?

Either way you spin it, I don’t think I would have been able to envision it happening at all, using a language I never heard of before, a platform that I’ve never touched prior to the 39 days?

I think a friend of mine put it as: “You’re trying to learn what I learned in school in 4 years, in about 8 weeks.”

Yeah, it’s… its a lot.

Yet, here I am.

Today marked the beginning of the 15 days we have to develop and fully publish a game, engineered, marketed, and organized by well — the team!

Day 1 Challenges:

  • Organization. There’s a ton of things that need delegating and organizing. Mechanics and features — the whole nine yards.
  • Coordination. As we are going to be working remotely, we need a remotely accessible repository — GITHUB *dramatic music plays*. Definitely a challenge as all of us are slightly traumatized by GitHub, but I’m glad to report that this, although it still took a while, went relatively smoothly thanks to assistance from out resident Git Guru: Apple Dragon.
  • Communication. One of the most important things! Making sure that everyone is on the same page for interpreting what exactly we are aiming for in our projects, our requirements, and goals. Sounds simple, but not so much so, in a practical sense. What someone reads as 12 different waves may be interpreted as 12 waves of 12 different enemies, when in fact it might also mean 12 waves of the same enemies, but having different behaviors. Asking a lot of questions and clarifying things like this, were key to our next challenge.
  • Delegation. Delegating tasks and goals for everyone on the team helps set up your timeline. Also, making sure people are okay with and have some ideas in mind for their tasks helps too.
  • Honesty. Knowing what you need to ask for help on. Going over a list of things that need to be implemented but not having a faintest clue on how some of these things work, definitely has its drawbacks. Using resources that we have available to us now, besides Google, we decided to ask some of the expert leads and specialists for some workshops on some mechanics we weren’t too clear on.

How exactly did we overcome these challenges?

Today, we literally spent the entire day in meetings.

Meetings with team members.



Each other.


And though it felt like the meetings would never end, they were productive. We talked out our issues and how we would try to tackle them. We talked about everything we needed to, asked the hard questions, and set ourselves up for a clean, organized start to the next 2 weeks of our lives.

Communication really is key.

Though it seems like we have a ton of challenges ahead of us, I’m reminded that we are not alone. We have our team members to lean on and a wonderful support staff at GameDevHQ who are there to set us up for success.

The group I’m working with is a wonderful mix of many different talents and personalities, and personally, I’m beyond excited to see what we come up with.

Are you?

— Ryan

Attender of Meetings

Ambitious Software Engineer at GameDevHQ.