F1.04t like a Butterfly, String “like a Bee”.

Day two.

Sort of.

Ok, so I took my work home with me, sue me!

Well technically, ALL of the work is at home. Because my first day as as a bright eyed, bushy tailed, deer in the headlights, scared to death — what did I GET MYSELF INTO — day, was on a Fri-yayyyy today, was day 2.


But day 2, day 2 was a good day. Feeling a wee bit behind, being a complete and total n00b at C#, Unity and basically all of the recommended programs and languages that the internship had suggested, I honestly felt, well overwhelmed.

Overwhelmed, why can you be overwhelmed and underwhelmed, but you can’t just be whelmed? Anyways —

The only thing keeping me moving forward on day 1 was pure will. And 5 cups of concentrated cold brew. Maybe 6, I usually stop counting after 3. But, I digress. I decided to go over the material over the weekend, and what a DIFFERENCE it made.

Not only did I see that these programs are logic based, user friendly, and easily accessible, but I found the teaching methods laid out in the tutorial and instructional videos challenging and engaging. A mixture of visual, tactile, and problem solving through encouragement of individual research made me feel like I had a grasp on each lesson as I bulldozed through them.

The building blocks of the logic based programming that is C# makes sense to me. Things like float for values that include a decimal point, int for integers or whole numbers, bool for statements that are either true or false, and string “a string of characters to be quoted to a T”.

It honestly reminded me of my college level logic class, a class I thoroughly enjoyed to my surprise. Making a game so far has been a string of problems and questions that you solve via the tools presented. A huge part of that problem solving is that you’re not limited by what the coding program “has to offer” because, its just that, it doesn’t. The coding doesn’t have defined values for things like how much health you have, armor, stamina, willpower, coffee, ferrets. Nope. You create those values and define them to the program. And that’s the beauty of it isn’t it, because it doesn’t have predetermined values, its a blank slate. You’re only limited by your own creativity and innovation.

public bool canYouSitWithUs = false;

So, what exactly did I do today? After this weekends, well extra credit? I’m about 70% through making my first game in Unity. I’m working on building a 2D space shooter game, and it’s already shaping up to be more than I thought I could do in a month, on day 2. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows to learn how the C# scripts are used in order to get components from your other scripts, which so far has been a challenging concept for me to master, but it’s logic based scripting, which means that I won’t have to worry about the script turning into a certain Katy Perry song on me.

Biggest revelation of today?


We got this.



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